Wednesday, June 17, 2020

These BBQ Dishes are "Bad to the Bone"... But the Good Kind of Bad!

When you say something is "Bad to the Bone," one interpretation is that the thing you are speaking of is aggressive and rebellious. That sounds about right for the Bad to the Bone section of the menu at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Osage Beach! 

The four mouthwatering dishes that make up this portion of the menu feature flavors that hit your taste buds hard, but in the best, most enjoyable way possible! It's a hickory-smoked taste sensation that goes above and beyond the BBQ you're probably used to up until now! 

Okay, maybe we're a bit biased, but after you have just one bite of any of these delicious dishes, we truly believe that you'll agree with us. Our goal is to offer the best BBQ at the Lake of the Ozarks and these dinners set us up to earn that title. 

Baby Back Ribs
For this incredible entree, we coat a slab of tender, meaty baby back ribs with our dry rub and then slow-smoke it over hickory, lightly grill it, and baste it with our secret recipe BBQ sauce before serving. Available as a full or half-slab, this hearty plate is served alongside one of our homestyle side dishes with a big ol' piece of Texas toast. 

Baby Back ribs are not named that because of the age of the animal they come from but rather for the smaller size of the rib compared to a classic spare rib. That small size does not mean small flavor, because these are the tenderest and leanest ribs you can order with meat both between and on top of the bones.  

Classic Pork Spare Ribs
Yes, we've got two types of BBQ ribs on our menu to choose from because... why not! Both kinds are so absolutely delicious, we simply couldn't decide on just one. Spare ribs are flatter than the baby back ribs and tend to have less meat, but due to the fact that this is a fattier cut, these ribs have even more flavor. 

Here at Wobbly Boots BBQ, our juicy pork spare ribs are also coated with our special dry rub, slow-roasted over hickory, and basted with our secret house-recipe sauce before serving. (Why would we make them any different? You don't need to improve on perfection!) You can order them as a full or half-slab along with a homestyle side dish of your choice and Texas toast. 

Hickory-Smoked Half-Chicken
This meal is meant for someone with a great big appetite! Most people have had chicken grilled, baked, or deep-fried but if you've never enjoyed this brilliant bird slow-smoked over hickory, then you're really missing something special. 

Here at the Boot, our classic chicken dinner is spice-rubbed, hickory-smoked, and glazed in our homemade sauce. Your choice of one of our savory side dishes plus a great big piece of Texas toast round out this amazing meal. 

BBQ Chicken & Ribs Combo
For those of you that simply cannot decide between ribs and chicken, well, we don't want you to stress over that decision too much. This delicious combination of mouthwatering 'que offers you the best of both worlds!

You still get your choice of an incredible homestyle side dish and a big ol' piece of Texas toast, plus BOTH a half a BBQ chicken AND a half-slab of pork spare ribs, each irresistibly glazed in our house-made sauce.    

If you fancy yourself a true BBQ lover, then you need to get yourself on over to the best BBQ restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks and give our mind-blowing, hickory-smoked, hybrid-style BBQ a try. We know you're going to love it and we're willing to bet you become a regular at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse any time you're in the lake area. 

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