Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Groovy Phrases To Use At Our Far Out Pub Crawl! ✌️

The Lake Stock Fall Crawl is happening this Saturday, November 4, 2017, and your favorite BBQ restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks is once again one of the exciting stops on the pub crawl route. Last week we filled you in on the Pub Crawl details, and this week we want to make sure that you're truly ready for a groovy-good time at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse, so we've got a few phrases you can use to get your "Lake Stock" vibe going. 

There are all kinds of cool words and phrases that were used most often in the era of bell bottoms, Flower Power, peace, and love, which happens to be the ongoing theme of the Lake Stock Fall Crawl. According to, the following are the Top 15 Slang Words of the 70's. Think you can work them into a conversation Saturday night?  

    • This 70's slang word was used when tricking someone. Once you had them on the hook and totally convinced, you'd follow up by yelling "Psyche!" to let them know you were pulling their leg. "I don't think the Lake Stock Fall Crawl will be any fun this year... Psyche!"   
  • FAR OUT!
    • Used when the person wanted to show that something was cool, awesome, unbelievable, etc... "Did you go to the Lake Stock Fall Crawl last year? It was far out!"
    • This slang term was used to show someone that they were being unrealistic. "If those other pub crawl stops think they can top the fun at the Boot, they better dream on!"  
    • Used to talk about moving fast, being speedy, etc... "Funhouse will have the Wobbly Boots BBQ crowd booking it to the dance floor!"  
    • This 70's slang term was used to say goodbye, see you later, etc... "Once 1:30 am rolls around, we'll have to catch you on the flip-side."   
    • This slang word was used as a description for dancing, having fun, etc... "Once you get to the dance floor, Funhouse will make you wanna boogie all night long!" 
    • Used to show agreement with something or someone in the extreme. "You're on your way to the Boot? Right on!" 
    • A term used to describe someone who is physically built well with an attractive body. "That girl in the short tie-dye skirt is a brick house!" 
    • A 70's slang term used to see if someone agreed with you or they understood you. "We're having so much fun, we don't want to leave, can you dig it man?"
  • CAT
    • Used to describe someone who was cool, great, awesome, etc... "That bartender at the Boot is one real cool cat!" 
    • This 70's slang was used to describe someone who was a loser, an idiot, a fool, etc... "John didn't come to the lake for the pub crawl? The chump!" 
    • Used to show agreement with or to reply in the positive. "We're meeting at Wobbly Boots? Cool beans!" 
    • This slang term was used to ask a favor of someone. "Will you do me a solid and pick up my pub crawl wristband early at the Boot?"  
    • This 70's slang word was used to describe someone or something as cool, neat, etc... "The Lake of the Ozarks sure knows how to throw a groovy pub crawl!" 
    • Used to describe something or someone that blows your mind, that is weird or crazy. "You haven't heard about the Lake Stock Fall Crawl? What a fry man!" 
Do Us a Solid...
and make your plans now to join us this Saturday, November 4 for one of the best annual events at the Lake of the Ozarks. There are 10 stops on this year's route, but you're going to want to spend most of your time at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse. Not only do we have the best bartenders and most awesome atmosphere, but we've also got Funhouse rocking our stage all night long!

You will need a $10 wristband to get into all of the participating stops after 7 pm, and that wristband will also get you onto the buses shuttling partiers around the route all evening. Wristbands can be purchased here at the Boot, any of the other Lake Stop Fall Crawl stops, and also Sunshine Daydreams on the Bagnell Dam Strip. For additional information, head on over to or text LAKEFALLCRAWL to 71441 for updates. Don't be a chump, get yourself to the Boot Saturday night. All the cool cats will be there! 

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