Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Discover the Origin of BBQ!

Nothing exemplifies American food better than some good, old-fashioned barbecue! Wobbly Boots Roadhouse prides itself on furthering American tradition with each mouthwatering morsel we prepare, and we are so fortunate to be able to share our love of BBQ with all of you!

We believe that in order to fully appreciate the best BBQ at the Lake of the Ozarks, we should have a complete understanding of where BBQ came from and how it got to be what it is today. There is some controversy over the exact definition of BBQ and how it grew into the strong American tradition it is today, but the following story seems to be the general consensus.

The Birth Story of BBQ

Long, long ago, back in the days when the first settlers had arrived in the Americas and the United States were not officially formed, good meals were few and far in between. When hunters did manage to catch a deer, boar, or other larger animal, they tried to find ways to preserve the meat so it would last as long as possible. 

As time passed, the settlers discovered that partially cooking the meat killed any bacteria present and helped to make the meat last longer. One method involved salting the meats to dry them out and to reduce the number of contaminants within the meat. Hanging meats to dry in the sun also became a common practice. When they discovered bugs swarming around the meat, they began lighting small, smoky fires beneath the meat to keep the bugs away.

To their happy surprise, they discovered that the smoke did more than drive the bugs away - it also helped preserve the meat. As this method's popularity rose, people began building smokehouses designed to smoke and preserve large quantities of meat at one time. People soon discovered that both the smoke and the salt also created a delicious flavor within the meat.

Modern Connotations

It was through this gradual evolution that BBQ grew into the delicious American staple it is today. Wobbly Boots is thrilled to get to be a part of the wonderful tradition and we look forward to continuing to serve our Lake of the Ozarks community!

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