Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Many Reasons the Boot is a Great Place for a Business Lunch

Recently, Missouri Magazine announced their "Missouri's Best" Winners for 2021 and Wobbly Boots Roadhouse was pleased to find our name on that list. If you've dined with us before, you already know that we serve the best BBQ at the Lake of the Ozarks and according to the voters in the Missouri's Best poll, we offer the best business lunch in Missouri on top of that! 

In addition to families and groups of friends gathering at our Lake of the Ozarks BBQ restaurant & bar, we see quite a few businesses bringing in their employees and clients for a taste of the Boot. For those of you that could fit into that last category of diners, here's a closer look at what a business lunch at Wobbly Boots BBQ has to offer.   

Lunch Begins Daily at 11:00 am

The next time that you need a spot to meet up with a client or want to treat the office to lunch, consider inviting them to join you at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse. We begin serving our extensive menu at 11:00 am, 7 days a week. 

There is plenty of seating for groups both large and small and the dining room is spacious enough that finding a table to have a conversation won't be hard at all. If you have a particularly large group, we may be able to reserve our private room for your get together.  

Of course, if it's more of a pleasure trip than a business meeting, we've got 21 TVs for you and the gang to catch an afternoon game on. Also, if you opt for a late lunch, you might be around long enough to take advantage of our weekday Happy Hour at the Lake of the Ozarks that takes place every Monday-Friday from 3-6 pm. We have Happy Hour food and drink specials all day every Sunday too, so if a weekend meeting is in the cards, that's a great day to join us.  

Fantastic Variety of Food

Another factor that makes our place perfect for a business meeting is the fact that, in addition to amazing, hickory-smoked BBQ, our extensive menu features a wide variety of non-BBQ dishes too. That means everyone at your lunch meeting, no matter how different their tastes may be, is bound to find something they are excited to sink their teeth into. 

We Cater Too!

You don't have to come to us for your business meetings, office parties, and corporate events. Instead, take advantage of the best catering at the Lake of the Ozarks and let us bring all the deliciousness to you! Give our catering experts a call at 573-348-2277 to discuss a menu and get your date on our calendar. 

In addition to delicious BBQ, our catering is powered by the Barrett Restaurant Group, which is made up of Wobbly Boots Roadhouse, Dog Days Bar & Grill, and Shorty Pants Lounge & Marina. You can choose from the special dishes any of those restaurants are known for or request special foods, even breakfast items and desserts, and we'll do everything in our power to make it happen.

If you'll only be feeding a limited number of people and don't need to use our catering abilities, you can still enjoy Wobbly Boots BBQ at your place of business. Simply visit our website and easily order BBQ online to pick up when you want to feed your crew. 

Just think how happy lunch from Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Osage Beach will make your team! Happy teams are more productive, which is great for you and our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant serves only the most delicious dishes, which is great for everyone!  

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Turn Up the Heat! Spicy Foods Can Be Good For You

If you enjoy spicy foods it is most likely because you think they taste great. Well, Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Osage Beach is here to tell you that not only are your taste buds getting a treat when you bite into something "hot" but you're also getting some health benefits at the same time. (Pretty "cool", huh?)

Our BBQ restaurant & bar at the Lake of the Ozarks has a few spicy delicacies on the menu. Below we've listed some of the reasons why you might want to begin adding more spicy foods to your diet. After that, we'll give you a peek at some of the delicious ways you can do that at the Boot. 

Health Benefits of Spicy Foods

  • Stress Relief
    Endorphins are released in your body when you consume spicy food. These "feel-good" hormones are like natural pain medication, they can reduce anxiety, and even ease the effects of depression.  

  • Heart Health
    "Bad" cholesterol can cause damage to a person's body, but eating chili peppers can lower the risk of this by increasing the breakdown rate of this type of cholesterol. Blood flow is also increased, improving heart function and lowering blood pressure.

  • Weight Loss
    Peppers contain a spicy chemical called capasaicin which is great for boosting your metabolism. The effects can last up to 20 minutes after you have eaten. Foods with a little extra heat can also help you to feel full, which reduces cravings for salty, sweet, and fatty foods. 

  • Eases Congestion
    We have all eaten hot foods before that cause us to begin sniffling. This is because spicy items thin mucus, which is perfect when you have clogged nasal passages. The heat can even help with respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma.  

  • Cancer Prevention
    The American Association for Cancer Research has stated that the capasaicin in peppers has the ability to kill some cancer and leukemic cells. It creates a reaction that lowers the risk of tumors too. 

Menu Items With a Bit of Heat

Wobbly Boots BBQ has a few menu items that are ready to heat up your taste buds. Not too much spice to truly enjoy but instead, just the right amount! (Of course, if you need it hotter, we're happy to see what we can do!) 

El Diablo Burger
A real mouth-burner! This incredible burger is topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon, jalapenos, and our zesty 6-pepper sauce. 

Black & Bleu Burger
Our famous Farm Boy Burger spiced up with Cajun seasoning and topped with Bleu cheese crumbles. It's great with bacon added too. 

6-Pepper Steak Po' Boy
Thin-shaved smoked prime rib and Swiss cheese topped with our 6-pepper sauce and served on a hoagie. 

Hot Cheesy Stripper
Breaded chicken tenders tossed in our hot chipotle sauce with melted Provolone cheese on a hoagie roll. 

Chipotle Buffalo Wobbly Wings
Juicy jumbo chicken wings coated in our house dry rub, slow-roasted in our hickory pit, and tossed in our very special version of a traditional Buffalo sauce. Our Wobbly Wings are also available Trashed (deep-fried before serving) or with one of the following sauces instead: BBQ, Original, or Teriyaki. 

When you're ready to add a little "spice" to your life, head on over to our family restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks. Let us know just how hot you want it and we'll make sure it's both spicy and delicious! 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Lake of the Ozarks Sports Fans Catch ALL the Games at the Boot!

Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Osage Beach is most widely known as the perfect place to find the most mouthwatering, hickory-smoked BBQ in the lake area. In addition to that, the Boot is also the best place to watch sports at the Lake of the Ozarks! With hockey starting back up this week, the NFL playoffs in full swing, and March Mania right around the corner, that's a pretty important fact to know. 

Just what makes Wobbly Boots Roadhouse a great place to catch all the action from your favorite teams? Here are a few pretty convincing reasons for you.

We've Got Tons of TVs

Often, there are more than a few awesome sporting events going on at the same time. Since we've got 21 TVs placed all around the restaurant and bar areas plus a giant projection screen on stage, you can bet your game will be on at the Boot! 

No matter where you decide to sit, you'll always have a great view of any and all the games you're interested in. Belly up to the bar to join other sports fans already here or take over a table or two with your own friends. Our family-friendly atmosphere means that you can also bring the kids and encourage a love of the game in even the youngest fans.  

All-Day Sunday Happy Hour Too

Sometimes the most popular games happen to fall during our Monday-Friday Happy Hour between 3-6 pm. Every single NFL Sunday, though, we host the best Happy Hour at the Lake of the Ozarks ALL DAY LONG! 

You get to enjoy a full day of football excitement this time of year plus great discounts from behind the bar and out of the kitchen! (Once football season is over though, Sunday is still a great day for watching sports around here!) 

For the drinks, we offer specials on glasses of wine, well drinks from our fully-stocked bar, and ice-cold draft beer. We've got 21 different beers on tap at our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant & bar, so you're bound to find a few of your favorites brews. 

When you get hungry, you're welcome to order any of the delicious dishes off of our menu but we've got some great Happy Hour deals in store for you on a few specialty items. These include:

  • Pulled Pork Sliders - 3 for $6
  • Shaved Prime Rib Sliders - 3 for $9
  • Large Pulled Pork Nachos - $2 off

Watching at Home? Get BBQ To-Go!

If you've already got plans to watch your teams play from home, you can always order food to go from the Wobbly Boots menu and take it with you. As a matter of fact, you can easily order Wobbly Boots BBQ to-go online through our website 7 days a week. 

Planning to throw a Superbowl party this year? 
Let us do the cooking and you just have fun with your friends watching the big game! Serve your guests platters full of Wobbly Wings, award-winning hickory-smoked meats, savory side dishes, and a whole lot more with the best catering at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Anytime you've got a large bunch to feed in the lake area and give us enough advance notice, we can even load up our awesome delivery van and bring the Boot to you! Give us a call at 573-348-2277 to reserve your spot on our catering calendar. 

Whether you'll be watching all the games here with us or instead from the comfort of your own home, one thing is for sure, you'll be needing something tasty to munch on while you watch. When you make those munchies something hearty and delicious from Wobbly Boots Roadhouse, somehow, the game is even more enjoyable than usual! 

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

"Soup's On!" (Literally) for National Soup Month at the Boot!

The phrase "Soup's on!" is a popular expression used to let everyone know when a meal is ready and on the table. Since January is National Soup Month, we highly suggest actually having soup for that meal and some of the best soups you'll ever taste can be found right here at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse in Osage Beach. 

Our Lake of the Ozarks BBQ restaurant offers two different types of soup daily. One is our very popular Baked Potato Soup (so irresistible, it's always on the menu) and the other is a rotating Soup of the Day. Here's a closer look at some of the hot, savory, mouthwatering soup options you can find at the Boot.  

Our Famous Baked Potato Soup

This particular soup has become so very popular at our Lake of the Ozarks family restaurant that it has earned a permanent spot on the menu, available year-round, 7 days a week! It's rich, creamy, and everything you could possibly ask for when you're craving a hot bowl of soup. 

Every serving is packed full of chunks of potatoes and garnished with cheddar-jack cheese, crumbled bacon, and green onions. It's a delight for all of your senses! First, you'll love the look of the colorful presentation, then the savory scent will hit you. Your taste buds will tingle with the first spoonful, and you'll immediately feel satisfaction deep in your stomach. You can't really hear our soup unless the person next to you is slurping it, but that's okay because you'll very likely be doing the very same thing! Your noise will cancel out theirs.

Soup of the Day

Although our Baked Potato Soup is hard to resist, some days you may be in the mood to try something different. For that very reason, we also offer a Soup of the Day that changes regularly. 

Your server will be able to tell you what soup our chefs have masterfully created when you sit down to order. Some of the popular varieties that they've concocted in the past are listed below but they're always coming up with new and tasty ideas! 
  • Cheeseburger SoupBeer 
  • Cheese & Sausage Soup
  • Tortellini Soup
  • Creamy Cajun Chicken & Noodle Soup
  • Ham & Bean Soup
  • Vegetable Beef Soup
  • Chili 
  • White Bean Chili

More Than Just Soup

A great big, hot, satisfying bowl of soup may be enough for your main meal some days but if you're in the mood for more than just soup, we've got you covered. There are a couple of different Soup Combo Meals on the menu to choose from that pair our amazing soups with something equally as tasty. 

  • Soup & Salad
    Enjoy a cup of your favorite soup paired with a crisp garden salad full of fresh ingredients and your choice of salad dressing.
  • Soup & Sandwich
    In this case, you get a cup of your favorite soup paired with a grilled sourdough sandwich. Sandwich choices are:
    • Turkey & Swiss Melt
    • Ham & Swiss Melt
    • 4-Cheese Grilled Cheese (A grown-up version featuring American, Provolone, Monterey Jack, & Cheddar!)

Who is ready to celebrate National Soup Month with us, Wobbly Boots BBQ-Style? Whether you're craving a light lunch or hungry for a hearty meal with all the fixin's, you'll always find something that hits the spot perfectly at our Lake of the Ozarks BBQ restaurant & bar. Tell everyone to meet you at Wobbly Boots Roadhouse and the entire, hungry group is bound to leave happy and satisfied!  

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